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What is Stick?

You’re new here. So are we! Learn a little more about us or give us a shout.

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What is Stick?

Stick is an interdisciplinary design consultancy. With creative roots in medical communications, education and industrial design, we look at problems from a human and systems perspective. We search for leverage points in your design problems and we help pry them open, devising strategies, tools and IP to take advantage of the gaps we uncover.  Consider us the creative division your group never knew it had. We are equally at home talking to patients and caregivers as we are prototyping or trying out a new technology and seeing where it might fit.  We design for people first, it's what we're in to.

Why "Stick"?

A stick can be anything using just a little bit of imagination! A stick was probably the first ever tool. You can use a stick as a lever. You can lash them together and build structures. A stick can help you walk, move a ball or a puck on playing surface, balance on a tight-rope or float on the water.  You can throw sticks, pick up sticks, start a warm fire and even go into battle with, yes, sticks. The best ideas - the ones that really resonate, that you keep coming back to - are often also referred to as "Sticky".  Heck, sticks were even inducted into the International Toy Hall of Fame in 2008 (bet you didn't know that). So now you know: like our namesake, we come ready to play.  Go Stick! Besides, one always tries to stick the landing.

Why "Stick"? When you think about it, a stick is a most useful thing indeed.

Get in touch with Stick.

Let's cut to the chase, we're pretty new. The stuff we're working on right now, we can't really show it...yet. But we're growing and we're always on the look-out for new problems to tackle. Give us a shout if you like what we're about. 

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